In late 2020, I started writing publicly about mental health, because I think it’s an important topic that we don’t think or talk enough about. My mental health journey started in 2019 when I asked a friend of mine who taught in the Psychology department at Texas A&M for some therapist recommendations.

I don’t think I realized how long I had been dealing with depression until I started talking to someone about it. It took almost another year before I started writing about it, and the feedback I’ve gotten from people all over the world (including friends I hadn’t talked to in years) made me realize it was filling an important gap.

I might add more some day, but they tell part of the journey I’ve been on. It’s not always been easy, and sometimes it feels like a “two steps forward one step back” sort of journey, but as I say at the start and end of the first one.

I want to share my story, in the hopes that it helps someone else.

I hope this story helps someone else feel brave enough to ask for help. I hate phrasing it that way, because it’s not about bravery.

It shouldn’t be brave, it should be normal.

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