These are more traditional blog posts, most of them written before I switched to the garden model. I may continue to add more here since I’m finding it hard to break the “write a blog post about it” mindset.

15 items with this tag.

Abstract Algebra and Statsd, or How Does Datadog Work

In which I talk about some of the basics of abstract algebra and group theory and how it applies to Statsd and Datadog.

Lessons from Email for Federated Media

Some thoughts about things that Mastadon and other Activity Pub services lack that Email has.

NixOS Modules as an Expert System

Where I expand a bit on my thoughts about an idea I read on the NixOS Discourse forums.

More Talk About Mental Health

Where I discuss my mental health journey tackling depression and now adult diagnosed ADHD.

On Coding Interview Tests

About my recent experience botching a coding interview, and my thoughts on the practice of coding tests.

Fun With Rust and WASM

An exploration in using a ServiceWorker written in Rust compiled to WASM, and the problems I ran into.

After a year, I've left Hey for ProtonMail

A review of the email service Hey and why I moved my personal email hosting to ProtonMail.

NixOS and Why I Love It

In which I try to explain why I love using Nix and NixOS.

Memories of a Dear Friend

A memorial to a dear friend who passed away, our dog Squirt.

No One at Tesla Had Me in Mind

My partner and I went to test drive a Tesla Model Y. This is her review of the car.

Men, We Need To Talk

Some thoughts on masculinity and how we approach it.

Reflections on a Life Lived

My father passed away unexpectedly in 2020, this is just something I wrote about it at the time.

Making Sense of the Moment We're In

Some thoughts I had in 2020 around all the crazy things that were happening in the United States.

Let's Talk About Mental Health

About my experience seeking help for depression. I hope it helps others make the decision to seek help.

Kyudo and Food in Japan

At the end of October 2019, I went on a trip to Kyoto with a group of people I practice kyudo with.