This is the collection of articles related to programming or computers in some way.

There are a lot of these because my profession is software engineer. Let’s not go into whether that’s an appropriate word to use for what I do. I think both sides have valid arguments, but I lean towards the title as aspirational. I want my work to stand up to engineering rigor, whether the rest of my industry does or not.

17 items with this tag.

The World of Programming Fonts

A post about programming fonts I've used and where I am now.

Maybe Don’t Use Conventional Comments

My thoughts on why "conventional comments" might not be the best solution.

My Programming Path

Where I describe my path to becoming the programmer I am today.

How SQLite Could Help You Build a More Robust Service

Some thoughts on how SQLite could lead to a better service design from the start.

Down the Keyboard Firmware Rabbit Hole

Where I discuss the absurd things I did with my keyboard's LCD and how it was more complicated than I expected.

The Synergy of LLMs and Expert Knowledge

About the positive combination of expert knowledge and LLMs for getting work done.

Accidentally Stumbling Into LLMs

Thoughts on what I’ve learned about Large Language Models.

Quartz and Obsidian for Static Sites

Where I talk about my experience switching my site to use Quartz for static site generation from an Obsidian vault.

Abstract Algebra and Statsd, or How Does Datadog Work

In which I talk about some of the basics of abstract algebra and group theory and how it applies to Statsd and Datadog.

NixOS Modules as an Expert System

Where I expand a bit on my thoughts about an idea I read on the NixOS Discourse forums.

On Coding Interview Tests

About my recent experience botching a coding interview, and my thoughts on the practice of coding tests.

Fun With Rust and WASM

An exploration in using a ServiceWorker written in Rust compiled to WASM, and the problems I ran into.

Beyond Source Text Files

Where I attempt to explain an idea I've been thinking about around different ways of editing code.

Code as Memory

An attempt to put into words some thoughts I've had around code as a way to communicate knowledge, both to my future self and others.


A philosophy about documentation writing. I think it's a useful framework.

Software Tools I Use

A list of tools I use frequently, and some my thoughts on them.

The Little Schemer Series

A book page about the Little Schemer series of programming books.