These are all the things I’ve written so far about Nix or NixOS. Some of these are just articles that happen to contain a reference to Nix code.

8 items with this tag.

Trouble in Nix Land

My thoughts on the crisis in the Nix world.

My Nix Dev Environment Philosophy

I have a certain way I approach building dev environments with Nix, and this post explains it.

Using Auth0 with Headscale and Tailscale

A guide to getting Tailscale and Headscale working with Auth0 as an OIDC provider.

Nix is Too Big to Learn All At Once

Some things I wish I knew when I started using Nix in 2018.

The Synergy of LLMs and Expert Knowledge

About the positive combination of expert knowledge and LLMs for getting work done.

Another Reason I Love NixOS

Just a quick note about something nice that happened while I was updating my NixOS system.

NixOS Modules as an Expert System

Where I expand a bit on my thoughts about an idea I read on the NixOS Discourse forums.

NixOS and Why I Love It

In which I try to explain why I love using Nix and NixOS.