I read a lot of varied topics, from economics and history, to sociology and politics, so I tend to connect these disparate subjects and think about things from multiple angles.

For lack of a better word, I’m using philosophy to cover things I’ve written that fall into this category of “thinking about the world and how I approach it”. I don’t think that’s too far from the actual definition or root etymology, “love of wisdom”.

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On AI, Art, and Copyright

Some things I've been thinking about around AI, art, and copyright.

Maybe Don’t Use Conventional Comments

My thoughts on why "conventional comments" might not be the best solution.

Star Wars and Space Opera

My take on the definition of "space opera" as a genre, based on some disparate things I've read recently.

My Nix Dev Environment Philosophy

I have a certain way I approach building dev environments with Nix, and this post explains it.

Lessons from Email for Federated Media

Some thoughts about things that Mastadon and other Activity Pub services lack that Email has.

On Coding Interview Tests

About my recent experience botching a coding interview, and my thoughts on the practice of coding tests.

Memories of a Dear Friend

A memorial to a dear friend who passed away, our dog Squirt.

Men, We Need To Talk

Some thoughts on masculinity and how we approach it.

Reflections on a Life Lived

My father passed away unexpectedly in 2020, this is just something I wrote about it at the time.

Making Sense of the Moment We're In

Some thoughts I had in 2020 around all the crazy things that were happening in the United States.

Code as Memory

An attempt to put into words some thoughts I've had around code as a way to communicate knowledge, both to my future self and others.


A philosophy about documentation writing. I think it's a useful framework.


About Ursula K. Le Guin's language from The Dispossessed.


About Sociocracy and my impressions of it.